Solwang - Danish Dish cloths and Tea towels

"The story behind

40 – 50 years ago, very little didn’t come to use in the household.

That was the philosophy behind our original knitted dish cloth. My grandmother converted cotton yarn residues into functional dishcloths. Some more pretty than others, depending on what colors yarn she had and how many times a dish cloth changed color.

The last years of her life the yarn was purchased with the purpose to knit for us. This meant plain cloths and colors that actually fit into our kitchens. My whole family received them for years with gratitude.

When my grandmother was no longer there to knit for us, it proved impossible to find a dish cloth that was just as effective and functional as her homemade version.

Therefore I had to buy yarn and knitting needles in order to continue the production, and for 13 years I was self-sufficient in this field. Since I wanted to share the joy of the wonderful clothes with friends and family, some extra was knitted for gifts.
They were always popular, and the recipients wrote them on their wish list again and again. That gave me the idea to set up a genuine production of grandma’s dish cloths.

Today the ​​dish cloths and towels are produced on the knitting machine, but the final finish is still handicraft.
Both appear yet completely as the hand-knitted originals, and have retained all their good qualities as durability, absorbency and high functionality.

Just as if they were handmade all the way.

Kind regards

Dorte Soland Wang"

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