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Approx size: 5.25”H x 3.5”D Canadian Pottery: Each piece of pottery is handcrafted by a Canadian Artisan using all natural ingredients. The stoneware pottery is fired to just above 2300F with food safe glazes that are dishwasher safe, microwave and ovenproof. All products can be used every day or an that special occasion with complete confidence. Stoneware: A hard, strong and vitrified ware, fired just above 2300F. The glaze and clay, form an integrated body-glaze layer when they reach this temperature. Nature and chemistry affect the beauty of each item. Small blemishes and marks may occur, but in no way will they affect the integrity of the piece. Thermal Shock: This is stress caused within a ceramic object by temperature change. If there is a large difference in temperature between two parts of the same piece of ceramic (i.e. the bottom of the pot on a burner and the sides not on a burner or frozen food inside) it will cause stress due to expansion and contraction. In order to avoid thermal shock, which results in the cracking of your pottery, especially teapots should always be preheated with hot tap water before adding boiling water. Casseroles and Ovenware Casseroles and any item to be used in the oven should be at room temperature before being put into a hot oven. If you have frozen food in the casserole, do not place casserole from freezer directly into the oven but allow it to attain room temperature first. No pottery of any kind should be placed directly onto a stovetop burner. These precautions are to avoid thermal shock, which will result in the loss of your pottery.
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